What this is

Room & Board’s residency and salon is mostly (but not entirely) on hiatus during the pandemic. To view the call for proposals for “Rooms,” a new series of socially distanced commissions, click here. If you would like to receive invitations to upcoming events or learn of future projects, sign up here.

Room & Board is an experimental artist’s residency and salon that takes place in my apartment. Artists of all stripes—visual, auditory, literary, olfactory or otherwise—are invited to stay with me and my partner for about a month. No stipend is available, but residents have their own room and are invited to share meals. During residencies, we live together as roommates and collaborators. Residents are not required to produce anything, but Room & Board gladly supports the realization of works of art and events in every way possible, including, to a limited extent, with expenses. Residencies often culminate in a public salon, an expression of the artist’s work adapted to the domestic space we’ve been sharing.

Room and Board’s former home at 153 Bedford avenue in Brooklyn, New York is now permanently closed. Future versions of its on-site residencies will take place elsewhere.