Bed Piece: R&R at R&B

Bed Piece: Pelta Feldman Variation (2015) is a permanent installation at Room & Board, a commission by founding artist-in-residence Daniel Fishkin. Following his June 2014 residency, Daniel proposed a permanent, sculptural version of his performance Bed Piece (2011), in which movement on a bed is transmuted into sound, the bed itself built into an electronic musical instrument. Daniel returned in September 2015 to build this work into Room & Board’s guest room, where all residents stay; Bed Piece: Pelta Feldman Variation now offers them both sound sleep and sleep sound. The bed – a murphy-style fold-out bed – is both a complex electronic instrument and a finely-crafted object of woodworking. Daniel, a builder of both electronic and wooden musical instruments, built its cabinet himself from Pennsylvania cherry. Residents are unanimous in praising its comfort.

For more on this piece, the literal and metaphorical heart of Room & Board, see the essays that Daniel and I contributed to the Bed Piece Book (wrapped in a cover of cherry veneer) or photographs from the opening pajama party.

Bed Piece Book:bedpiececover_pdf1

Now I am pleased to offer R&R at R&B, the chance to spend the night in Bed Piece: Pelta Feldman Variation when the room is not otherwise occupied by residents or other visitors. If you are interested in reserving the room, please contact me directly at to inquire about availability. There is no fee associated with R&R stays, but you do have to bring your own pajamas.

Daniel and Julia on Bed Piece: Pelta Feldman Variation. Photo by Nate Boguszewski.